When choosing to rent a car, it proves to be the most suitable solution for long-term mobility needs.


The best car rental plan for your company.

A new way to always have a vehicle tailored to all your needs at your disposal. Choose from a huge variety of vehicles and keep it for as long as you want with our long-term rental. Cancel anytime. Maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance, all included. All the benefits of having your own car, without complications.

Car rental plan for your company

Whether it's a business trip or an adventure to explore new horizons, our car rental service provides the flexibility your company needs. With a wide range of vehicle options, we're ready to meet your car rental needs, no matter how long your stay. At International Car, we believe in making the car rental process straightforward and hassle-free, with maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance included in every package. Choose the convenience and freedom of having your own mode of transportation without the ownership worries. Opt for our car rental service and enjoy the benefits of having a vehicle at your disposal whenever you need it.