International Car® is a specialized car rental company, located in Portugal, with prestige guaranteed for two decades.

With over 20 years of experience, we would like to invite you to rethink what mobility means. We think it has everything to do with freedom. It's being able to get where you want to go in the most practical and safest way possible.

We love this freedom, but we know that it means something a little different to every person. That's why our mission is to offer the best option to accompany you on every journey.

In all our Stations and with our variety of vehicles, we want to offer the best services with the best car rental conditions, with total transparency and with the aim of satisfying all of our customers' needs.


We work to offer our clients the best mobility experience. With a fleet mainly composed of hybrid vehicles, our specialists aim to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Featured Services

Good customer service is a team sport. We like to listen carefully and be prepared to say "yes" instead of "no." After all, no one knows more about our business than our customers. Nobody is perfect, and our customers probably understand that. So, we use any opportunity to improve our work processes. Customers feel more comfortable with someone who they see cares about them. This requires a lot of dedication; creativity to create the best possible combinations, according to availability, budget, and location.

All Types of Vehicles

Choose from a huge variety of rental cars, whether you're looking for fuel efficiency, space, or comfort and style, you'll surely discover the perfect vehicle for a fun family vacation or a quick business trip. International Car® provides a wide selection of quality rental cars for your leisure or business needs, from economical and compact cars to SUVs and minivans, as well as luxury cars. And of course, all of them are equipped with the highest levels of comfort.