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Via Verde - Toll System

Unfortunately and since the processing is automatic, after the refusal at the time of delivery of the vehicle, it is no longer possible to change this option.
According to the Terms and Conditions, the maximum period for the completion of the related processes (reception of electronic toll information, traffic violations, and/or parking fines, etc.) is 30 days. However, with regard to the identification of fines, we are subject to the deadlines of the authorities.
No, the Via Verde systems are associated with the specific vehicle. You can only use the Via Verde devices provided by us.


Yes, to Spain. But only after prior request, so that we can activate your International Insurance. Additional costs will be applied.
Just contact our customer support number and report the incident.
You should return it with the same amount of fuel as it was delivered to you.
You should contact the Customer Support department through the designated email.
In case the dirtiness is excessive and unreasonable, an extra fee may be charged to cover a professional cleaning.
You can extend with us and it will be a different rate. The applicable rate will be the one in the current rate table at the time of the extension.
Yes. Extensions can be made through E-mail: reservas@internationalcar.pt / infoportugal@surpricecars.com / reservations@drive4move.com Note: the rate may be different from the one contracted in the original reservation.
The vehicle can only be picked up by named customer on Voucher and must be the same name of the credit card holder presented for excess/deposit verication . We recommend prior change of the reservation name to the name of the person who will pick up the vehicle (accompanied by a credit card in their own name).


You should contact our customer support number and report the incident.
According to the current Terms and Conditions, for the end of the processes (receiving information regarding the use of electronic tolls, trafic violations and/or parking fines, etc.), there is a minimum period of 7 business days and a maximum of 30 days.
You should immediately call the local authorities to come to the scene of the accident via the 112 number. Then, you should contact our customer support number and report the incident.
It depends on all requirements being met (calling the police via 112 and obtaining a report from the authorities on the circumstances in which the accident occurred, the name and address of the witnesses, the owner and driver of the third vehicle involved, license plate, make, insurance company and policy number of that third vehicle) and depending on the accident it may take up to 60 days. If it is an accident with injuries and involves multiple appraisals, the deadline may be extended without the responsibility being attributed to the company.
You should immediately stop the vehicle and call the Travel Assistance Service (through the telephone contact, along with the vehicle documents in the glove box). Failing to stop the vehicle may result in mechanical problems and additional costs. Then, you should contact our customer support number and report what happened.


We are available through telephone contact, email, social media, or through our website: www.internationalcar.pt
Due to the high volume of daily calls, please keep trying. If you still have diculties, you can always go to social networks such as Facebook and/or Google.
Through the customer support line, you should be able to resolve almost all issues. In occasional situations written communication (email) should be requested. If possible, the call can be redirected to the relevant station.


You have to go to our nearest facilities, as it is necessary to verify the condition of the vehicle before. This coverage covers all damages except for damages to tires, locks, windows, underbody and interior of the vehicle. In case of an accident, it is mandatory to call the local authorities to register the occurrence.

Payments / Deposits

For security deposit and/or collateral purposes, we only accept credit card (with a minimum validity of 2 months), in the name of the rental contract holder or authorized driver.
This option is available, however, the card holder must be added as an additional driver and it may be required for them to also purchase excess reduction insurance and or TOP COVER insurance.
Yes, we accept debit cards only for payment. Debit cards are not accepted for verification of deductible amounts or as a deposit for payment of tolls.
According to Visa and Mastercard rules, issuing banks have between 24h to 72h to reflect the cancellation request on the card statement/account. Whenever there are exceptions to the deadline, you must contact your bank, claiming the unblocking presenting the proof in your possession.

Pick Up of the car

You may request the presence of the station manager so that they can record the occurrence, or through email to the address indicated in the upper left corner of your rental agreement.
You can always go to our facilities at the time of your reservation. Check the address of the desired facilities in your reservation confirmation voucher ( or you can also locate us searching on GoogleMaps application.)

Return of the vehicle

All vehicles must be returned to our facilities, unless previously scheduled and/or instructed otherwise.