1.General Rental Information

a) The types of vehicles mentioned are only indicative. At the time of collection, the customer will receive the model of the car as shown on their voucher, if available. In all other cases, a suitable alternative vehicle will be provided.

b) The renter must have a valid European or international Driving Licence, issued at least one year before the rental. The car will not be provided to renters without a valid European or international Driving Licence. UK license holders need to present the document with a photograph. If your Driver's License is not in the Roman alphabet (ie, it is in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), an international Driving License and a national Driving License are required.

For Driver's Licenses from countries that are not part of the international license agreement, an official translation of the Driver's License must be presented with the original License (issued up to 7 days before the vehicle is picked up). When renting within the EU, customers from countries outside the EU must also present an International Driving Permit along with their National Charter.

c) Rates are calculated based on pickup / return at the same rental location. Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour basis from the vehicle pick-up time. There is a two (2) hour grace period at time of delivery. Renters delayed by more than two (2) hours will be subject to an additional daily rate.

d) All reservations to be serviced without the arrival flight information (especially if within the 'out-of-hours' period of the Hours of 20:00 to 08:00) will be canceled 60 minutes after the previously scheduled pick-up time.

e) The vehicle rental provider will not be responsible for a failure in the rental due to late or improper provision of this information (arrival flight details). Failure to provide this information also reduces the car rental provider's liability.

f) Any additional cost for extra equipment will be paid locally.

g) Partially used vouchers are non-refundable.

h) We do not accept rentals for professional use (UBER, Taxi, Transfers, etc).

2. Age Restrictions

a) The minimum age for renters on all car categories is 21 years old.

b) The maximum renters’ age for all car categories is 99 years old.

c) The minimum age for renters is 21 for all car groups.

Exception: car groups K, MB, V, X minimum age for renters is 25 years old.

d) The maximum age for renters is 99 for all car groups.

e) From 75 years and over till 99 old drivers must purchase an extra insurance with an additional fee of €7.95 per day.

f) From 21 years over till 24 years, driver must purchase an extra insurance with an additional fee of €10 per day.

3. Minimum Rental

Minimum rental period is of one (1) day.

4. Contact

a) All cancellations must be sent at reservas@internationalcar.pt and a confirmation of any cancelled bookings will return.

b) Amendments of already confirmed bookings in less than 24 hours prior to arrival, are not accepted.

c) All amendments must be sent at reservas@internationalcar.pt and a confirmation/decline must be sent in return.

d) For all the destinations partners shall contact us on 00351 300 500 406 at the already provided email addresses.

e) The locations phone numbers provided are only for the vouchers and customers contact service.

5. Conditions of Payment

a) A Credit Card at drivers name is always required (or named customer on Voucher).

b) Accepted credit cards only: VISA and MASTERCARD

c) The following cards will not be accepted for the deposit: Prepaid credit cards, Debit cards, Visa Electron, AMEX, etc.

d) Renter must hold his printed car rental voucher or e-voucher and provide it at the pickup time.

e) A refundable deposit (pre-authorization) will be held/charged on the credit card to cover any additional costs incurred by the renter over and above those already prepaid for. The final amount due will be calculated and deducted after vehicle return (minimum 7 working days until maximum 30 days).

f) Since excess pre-authorizations are only valid until 28 days, if rental is to have a duration longer than 25 days, excess amount will be deducted until vehicle return (as vehicle guarantee).

g) Due to fluctuations in the rate of exchange and other bank charges, car hire supplier will not be responsible for any difference between the rate charged and any refunds made.

h) If the Customer decides to terminate the Contract in advance, the amount corresponding to the days when the Customer has not enjoyed the vehicle (taxes included) will be fully withheld as compensation to car hire supplier.

6. General Insurance Conditions

a) Theft insurance of the car is already included in our offer with an excess amount equal to CDW excess amount of vehicle requested.

b) Renter must present the key to the insurance company in order to be totally covered.

c) Items in the car are not insured.

d) In case of any damage for theft reasons, the insurance does not cover the renter.

e) Fire insurance is not included in our offer.

f) The Customer/authorized driver is insured by a car insurance policy that covers limited civil liability (third parties liability ) up to a maximum amount of €50 million for material damages and 6.000.000 euro for personal injuries, in accordance with current Law.

g) Personal accident insurance is not included in our offer.

h) Full Damage Waiver with deductible excess, depending on the car category, can be offered.

i) Renter may reduce the excess to a minimum amount by paying an extra charge per day.

j) Even during the purchase of the extra protection, a deposit will still be preauthorized, for uninsured parts on the vehicle, traffic fines or any other charges that may occur during and after the rental period.

At the table below is shown the deductible excess and the extra charge per day, for the excess to be reduced to a minimum amount of the excess value (VAT Included).

FDW  price*
reduced to
1.599 Euro
15.00 Euro/day
C0,C,C1,C2,D0,D,D1,D2,HA,H, EV2
1.845 Euro
18.00 Euro/day
E0,E,E1,E2,F0,F,F1,F2,I,IF,IM,M0,M, M1,M2, EV4
2.460 Euro
20.00 Euro/day
G, G1, J, J1
3.075 Euro
28.00 Euro /day
K, K1, MB, MB1, V, V1, X, X1
5.000 Euro
42.00 Euro/day

*For rentals with duration 1 to 3 days, full damage waiver will be available with minimum amount of charge equal to 4 days rental.

k) There is no maximum number of additional drivers allowed per rental.

l) Same conditions apply as per main driver.

m) Underneath and roof of the car are not covered by any insurance company in Portugal.

n) Glasses and mirrors are not covered by the insurance.

o) Tires, locks and wheels are not covered by the insurance.

p) Police reports are mandatory in case of accident/damage even when FDW insurance had been bought and in case of accident with another vehicle (or if in a parking area, etc.), so as the renter to be covered by the insurance.

q) If the renter will not report the damage on due time (24 hours), the same will not be covered by the insurance.

r) The renter is not covered by any Full Damage Waiver Insurance caused by alcohol, drugs or transportation of illegal materials.

7. Breakdown assistance

a) Available 24 hours a day. In case of negligence, a fee may apply.

b) Please note that this only covers mechanical failure and not negligence. In these

situations (negligence), all costs resulting will be charged to customer.

8. In case of accident

It is the Customer's responsibility to protect the interests of the Lessor and its Insurance Company, namely:

a) It is mandatory to immediately report any accident, theft, robbery or fire to the authorities, even if partial; also undertakes to report such situations to the Lessor within 12 hours and send the Police report referring to the occurrence within the shortest period of time.

b) Not leaving the scene of the incident before the arrival of the police authorities, under penalty of being charged the resulting damages in full, and the coverage resulting from the service to reduce the deductible eventually contracted, not having any effect in case of non-compliance with this clause.

c) Mentioning in the report the actual circumstances in which the accident occurred, the name and address of the witnesses, the owner and driver of the third-party vehicle involved and the registration, brand, insurance company and policy number of such third-party vehicle.;

d) CDW (included in the offer): partially covers any damage caused by an accident, collision, rollover, theft or fire in which the Customer will be responsible for the amount of damage up to the maximum deductible amount, which varies according to the vehicle category.

e) In the event of an accident, the customer must contact the POLICE through nº 112 - we decline any accident/damage not reported to the Police, regardless of the delivery of a DAAA (Friendly Declaration of Car Accident). The Customer is responsible for the payment of damages caused to the vehicle up to the maximum amount of the applicable amount in force during the Contract period, unless the responsibility is assumed by third parties and provided that it complies with the stipulations in paragraph a) of this point.

f) Only the Customer or authorized drivers will benefit from the applicable payment reduction services; failure to comply with this provision implies the total cancellation of the coverage contained in this article, the provisions of this article also being null and void in the event of an accident motivated by fraud or fraud, negligence, drunkenness, use of narcotic or non-compliance by the Client or driver with these general conditions and the applicable legislation, and the insurance coverage will also be canceled if the Customer does not return the keys in case of robbery/theft.

g) In the event of an accident due to speeding, negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotic products or consumption of a product that reduces the ability to drive, the Customer will be responsible for the costs of repair and compensation corresponding to the vehicle's downtime accident, even with the applicable payment reduction.

h) The insurance and any applicable payment reduction services do not exempt the Customer from paying negligently caused damage to the upper, lower and interior parts of the vehicle, and tires, as long as there is no collision.

i) If the Client provides false information, without prejudice to possible criminal liability, this will constitute a breach of contract, with the Lessor reserving the right to pass on to the Client all damages resulting from such declarations.

9. Taxes, fees and services included

a) 23% VAT already included in all prices.

b) Local taxes.

c) Contract fees.

d) Airport tax.

e) Collision Damage Waiver.

f) Change of vehicle in case of breakdown (exception to apply if negligence is considered).

g) Unlimited km.

h) 24-hour roadside assistance.

i) Customer Support Services.

10. Not included

a) Fines of any category (speed, parking, etc.), toll fees, parking fees, cleaning, etc.

b) Loss of keys, loss of documents, damage to tires, rims, windows, rear view mirrors, clutch, vehicle interior, flat tires, underside of vehicle, fuel, etc.

c) Administration fees for fines, tolls for identification, etc. (€36.90)

11. Extra / Equipment

a) Baby seat / Booster: €7.50 per day maximum €90 per rental. Must be fitted by the parent or a guardian.

b) GPS: €10 euro per day maximum €70 per rental.

c) Wi-Fi: €6 euro per day maximum €60 per rental.

d) Additional drivers: €7 per day until maximum of €98.

12. Toll Device (motorway tag/transponder)

a) Our E-Toll Service is available starting at € 2.08 per day with a maximum of €20.80 per rental.

b) After vehicle return and once final breakdown is received, final balance charge will be applied on customer credit card. In cases where the administrative deposit has been made by debit card or cash, this amount will be transferred directly to the account indicated by the IBAN provided by the renter.

c) Non-acceptance of service means no motorways and/or roads with electronic gantries/electronic tolls could be used during rental period. If used when E-Toll Service had been declined, administrative fee will be applied: € 36.90.

c) It is not allowed to move or remove the device / transponder. Such an act implies payment of a fee of € 50.

13. Out Of Hours

Deliveries or collections of vehicles outside the normal hours of 20:00 to 08:00 will have an additional cost of € 35 per service and this amount must be paid locally.

Reservations within this period (20:00 to 08:00) will have a gross period of 1 hour (60 minutes) before being canceled without any further information.

14. No Show / Cancellations

If the hirer does not show up within 2 hours after the confirmed vehicle pick-up time and does not report any delay by phone or otherwise, Drve4Move Car Rentals reserves the right to declare a 'No Show' and not provide the car in case of later appearance.

15. Cross bordering and Territorial Restrictions

a) Cross border rentals are allowed only to Spain with an extra charge of €40.

b) Rentals with car return at another of our branches (one-way) are subject to the following price list:

Lisbon – Faro or Faro – Lisbon: €130

Lisbon – Porto or Porto – Lisbon: €130

Porto – Faro or Faro – Porto: €195

Lisbon – Évora or Évora – Lisbon: €100

Faro – Évora or Évora – Faro: €130

Porto – Évora or Évora – Porto: €130

c) Deliveries/collections outside our office locations are not accepted.

d) International one-way rentals are not allowed.

e) Transportation between the islands is not allowed, will not be provided service in case of breakdown and is not covered by the insurance.

16. Condition of Vehicle

a) The vehicle must be returned in the same condition it was in when you received it. Any stain or excessive dirt and/or internal and external damage (including strong odors) will be charged according to the Damage Table.

b) If the lessee is not satisfied with the car, the station must be informed immediately for its replacement.

c) Any claim / dissatisfaction with the vehicle delivered will only be considered valid (accepted) during the rental period.

d) The customer is responsible for inspecting the vehicle upon delivery

e) Any new damage found at the end of the rental period will be charged according to the Damage Table.

f) All our vehicles are properly identified (stickers, key rings, etc.) and it is the customer's sole responsibility to return the vehicle with the items in question in good condition (key holders, stickers, etc.).

g) The Customer may not modify any technical characteristics of the vehicle, keys, equipment, tools and/or vehicle accessories, nor make any modification to its exterior and/or interior appearance. Otherwise, the Customer will bear the expenses related to the replacement of the vehicle in its original condition, as well as the damages caused to the lessor due to the reconditioning of the vehicle plus the 3-day rental (according to the rental prices in effect on the date ) relating to the immobilization of the vehicle.

h) Charges for the loss of documents and vehicle keys and/or sending the vehicle keys to the corresponding Station in case of loss, theft, return of the vehicle keys at a Station other than the one where the vehicle was actually returned, or at in any other situation in which the vehicle is immobilized under the responsibility of the Customer, the Customer will have to pay compensation to the car rental company for up to 3 days of rental (according to the rental prices in effect at the time).

17. Fuel Policy

a) The fuel policy is 'same-to-same' (return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it was delivered).

b) If the vehicle is returned with a lower amount of fuel than it contained when delivered, the customer will be charged for the missing fuel based on prevailing prices at gas stations.

18. Electric vehicles

a) For our electric vehicles, renter must only charge the Vehicle using the charging cable supplied and other approved devices and charge the Vehicle in accordance with instructions provided.

b) A payment card for charging the car battery may be available. This cost will be charged at the end of the rental period.

19. Administrative fees

a) An administrative fee will be applied for requests for identification relating to fines, or other transgressions in the amount of € 36.90 per identification.

b) An administrative fee will be applied for requests for identification relating to unidentified passages on tolls or gantries with the Via Verde system. Note that it is considered a transgression when the customer, having refused the Electronic Toll Service at the time of vehicle collection and, during the rental period, will use lanes with electronic toll payment.

c) A Damage Administration Fee of € 64 (VAT included) is applicable if damage has occurred to the vehicle or in case of theft during your rental period.

20. Consumer Information

In compliance with the duty to inform consumers, pursuant to article 18 of Decree Law 144/2015 of 8 September, the following are entities for the Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes: Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto ; https://www.cicap.pt – Rua Damião de Gois, 31 Shop 6, 4050-225 Porto – Phone: +351 225 508 349 – Fax: +351

 225 026 109 – E-mail: cicap@cicap.pt

All term, conditions and prices are subject to change.

VAT included in all prices presented in T&Cs.